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BIND upgradinimas ir GeoIP

  • Parsisiunti tarball is ISC
  • Parsisiusti geoip patch is Cia
After unpacking the BIND distribution, cd into the untarred directory and run:

patch -p0 -b < /path/to/this/patch/bind-geoip-1.3.patch
This will apply the required patches. You can ignore any conflict on version, but we recommend you change the RELEASEVER string to denote a patched version.

(NOTE: patching configure is much less portable than If you do not have access to autoconf, please let us know and we may provide patches against configure.)

To add GeoIP support when running configure, there are two key options:

This enables support for GeoIP functionality. It looks for GeoIP in standard locations, and will automatically detect if IPv6 support is available.

You can also specify a path to the location of your GeoIP install (within which should exist "lib", "include", and "share" directories):

Please note that the GeoIP library expects a certain naming scheme for the database files. For example, the City database is expected to be named "GeoIPCity". See the MaxMind site for more details; particularly here and here.

To enable debug output, use:

Starting named with -d3 or higher will provide logging for all attempted GeoIP matching. Adding these debug logging calls is theoretically a performance hit, but even in heavy production, CPU usage does not change in any perceivable way. Enabling this is recommended to debug unexpected behavior.
  • MaxMind geoIP C library is Cia
make check
make install
  • Naujausia geoIP duombaze
  • Padeti faila i '/usr/local/share/GeoIP'
  • patch -p0 -b < /path/to/this/patch/bind-geoip-1.3.patch bindo source dire
  • ./configure –with-geoip=/usr/local
  • make
  • make install
  • pakeisti kelius /etc/rc.d/rc.bind/ i /usr/local is /usr


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